Who are 121 Payments?

We are a UK based company who specialise in providing international payment solutions within the education market.  Our staff background is in Marketing, FX and Education.  All payments are made through our FCA registered and regulated partners for your security.

Why should I use your service to send money overseas?

If you make an international payment via your bank, they will charge you a sending fee, give you a poor exchange rate and then the receiving bank will also charge a fee which you may have to pay.  In some cases, money is sent via an intermediary bank as well with a further charge deducted which means that the organisation you are paying does not receive 100% of the funds required.  If you use your credit card to pay, the organisation will receive 100% of the amount but you will not know how much the payment has cost in your local currency until your statement arrives weeks later.  Our experience is that credit card payments can add up to 8% onto the invoice amount when all the fees and charges are taken into account.  With 121Payments, you can pay the invoice in your local currency and we guarantee the organisation will receive 100% of the invoice amount.  Paying via us will cost you less due to our better exchange rates and lower fees.

How secure are my payments?

Our payment partner is a Registered and Regulated MSB (Money Services Business) in 8 regions worldwide and client funds are held with reputable international banks in segregated client accounts as required by law.  They use a secure, encrypted online platform over HTTPS using an SSL certificate from Geo Trust.  They employ a high level of automated anti-money laundering and compliance data analysis techniques to ensure data integrity and security for our clients using the system to send money globally.  The system also uses Verisign Trust Seal to ensure the system is 100% secure and malware free for all clients.

How do I pay the invoice in my local currency?

You enter the details of who you want to pay and how much and it will display the amount in your local currency.  You then pay either with your credit/debit card or via bank transfer (online or at your bank) to our Partner’s local currency account.  Using our service means that the bank or credit card is not providing the currency exchange and delivery; we do, so that you can access better exchange rates and lower fees.